Discover the Basque Countryside


The Basque Highlands are located in the Goierri region, in the midpoint of the Basque Country. Goierri, in Basque means “Highlands” it is a privileged natural space and very accessible to all visitors


In addition to a spectacular natural setting, the Goierri region offers many opportunities to enjoy its attractions: a great representative of the Basque cuisine, the most authentic and indigenous culture of Euskadi, an ideal sample of rural life… Certainly, the Basque Highlands combine perfectly the country’s tradition and modernity of our times.


Come and discover the Basque Highlands in 4 days.
Group open  from the 8th to the 11th of June & from the 7th to the 10th of September.




“The Cheese route: Meet the idyllic inland areas of Gipuzkoa in this short 4 day route.

Keep the whole cycle of preparing the cheese Idiazabal from when sheep graze in the Natural Parks of Aralar and Aizkorri-Aratz, Ordizia market and are the epicenter of the cheese, and visiting the town that gives its name: Idiazabal.


We invite you to discover the secrets of Goierri Move to the stunning look of Txindoki, Larrunarri or “Cervino Vasco””, and playing sports do you own a never lived gastronomic, cultural and scenic experience.

Our itinerary starts in the small town surrounding the amazing Sanctuary of Aranzazu.

Here you will check in at your hotel and before dinner have a small briefing with your guide and meet the rest of the group.


ARANTZAZU-ETXEGARATE:Aranzazu embodies the Basque contribution to the avant-garde of the twentieth century, also it is known as an important centre of cultural production. From Arantzazu we hike to the meadows of Urbia. We will find the megaliths and cottages, a clear sign of the habitants throughout the years. We will enjoy a warm broth to gain our strength and head the San Adrian passage, a historic route that connected the Basque Country with Castilla, a passage that has lived through countless hikers since Roman times . At the end of the route we have Etxegarate, near Añasbaso one small town frontier of the Basque Country and Navarra.


ETXEGARATE-LIZARRUSTI:Our ancestors roamed this stage of the cheese route countless times. This is the story that the ancient ruins tell us throughout the way. At the beginning, we can observ the Altzania forest. Many ruins, Igartza, Bernoa, Zelatamuño…
Wherever we look the view is breathtaking. And suddenly, almost without realizing it, down and down a narrow path we reach Lizarrusti.


LIZARRUSTI-ZALDIBIA:The trail leads from the mountain to the streets, a rich karst area in megaliths, a usual route used by our shepherds. Below our feet, even though we can’t see it, water flows.
The landscape is dotted with numerous herds grazing the meadows with their respective owners and huts. We make our way to Zaldibia, where our itinerary comes to an end.

You can make your way back home or stay a couple of days in San Sebastian, just 40 minutes away by train from Zaldibia or Ordizia.



  • Season: From March to November.
  • Duration: 4 days.
  • Level of difficulty: Walking Level: Hike. Participant must have some experience of mountain hiking and be fit and healthy.
  • Number of participants: Maximun 10 people.
  • Includes:Accommodation in a countryside house and Boutique Hotels in half board, Private transfer, Your local expert guide, all food and beverages and Activity insurance.

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