The enchanting forest- Trekking Artikutza Forest



The natural park of Artikutza is a clear example of an isolated paradise and is a very characteristic dense forest in the Basque Country. It consists of beech forests, mainly oak and yews in which there has been little human intervention, in recent years. This marvelous forest hosts a village lost in time, which is only accessible by foot, and where you will feel like being in a tale.




We head to the village of Oiartzun with our transport, to start our trekking. First, we will ascend to Bianditz (831m) an easy mountain from where its summit we can see a part of the French coast and the Basque coast. One of those special places where you feel on top of the world even if you are just 800m high. From here we descend towards Pagolleta, first through a field and then we get into the forest, to get to the enchanting village of Artikutza, where we will have lunch before continuing with the trekking towards Exkas and Errolarri waterfall.


  • Season: All year round.
  • Duration: 1 day.
  • Level of difficulty: Walking Level: Hike. Participant must have some experience of mountain hiking and be fit and healthy.
  • Number of participants: Maximum 8 people.
  • Includes: Picnic, Private Transportation, Your local expert guide and activity insurance.
  • Start time: 9:30 – End time: 15:30


  • Jornada completa:
    Grupo de 1 a 4 clientes 295 €.
    Más de 4 personas 325 €.
  • Media jornada:
    Grupo de 1 a 4 clientes 200 €.
    Más de 4 personas 240 €.