Heliski classic adventure




Operating in the absolute best Heli-Ski zone in Europe, the Val D’Aran, and utilising slopes in a 400 square km area, our expert guides bring groups of varied levels to experience the perfect virgin snow of the Pyrenees.




This half-day package offers you a great introduction to heliskiing in complete safety over carefully selected terrain and at a pace suited to your experience.


Once the safety rules have been explained, you are ready to take to the air and to make your first, two or three runs in the mountains.


This adventure starts with equipment checks and a safety talk, where our guides ensure everyone understands the safety measures and is comfortable. After this it’s off to the slopes for a minimum of 2 runs on some of the most isolated and spectacular mountains in Europe, only accessible by helicopter.




  • Ski season: From December to end of April.
  • Level of difficulty: From intermediate to advanced level skiers. Skiers must have experience Off-Piste. Runs can be chosen reflective of the level (both technical and physical) of the participants.
  • Number of participants: Maximum 4 people.
  • Number of runs: 2 runs.Average length of runs is approximately 800m. All runs vary in length from 600m to 1200m
  • Included: UIAGM Guide . Safety equipment adn activity insurance.

Heliski experience:

  • 2 runs:                     320 Euros/pax
  • 3 runs:                     430 Euros/pax
  • Additional Run:   110,00 Euros/ Pax

Heliski premium:

  • 6 Runs:                                 890,00 Euros /Pax
  • Additional Run:                 100,00 Euros/ Pax